For an effective digital transition

To assist you in your digital transition thinking and implementation, we offer diagnosis, consulting, implementation and training services in digital organization and cloud-based applications.



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1. Diagnostic

To set up technological tools that integrate with your current systems, we offer a diagnosis service of your digital environment and a targeted needs analysis.


Microsoft/Office 365

Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Todo, Planner, OneNote, Forms, Stream, Admin Centers


G Suite/Google Workspace

Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Keep, Google Drive, Hangouts, Meet, Groups, Forms, Administration Console, Vault


Collaboration platforms


Cloud-Based Applications


What is a CRM?

A CRM is a database shared with multiple users to efficiently manage all the contacts of an organization. For a private company, a CRM can maximize its sales processes. For an NFP organization, it optimizes its partnerships. These “sales channels” make it also possible to optimize and automate many other internal processes. Other powerful features make this category of applications essential in terms of digital organization.

Why implementing a CRM?

Whether you belong to the private or parapublic sector, the basis of your organization boils down to your contact database management. Whether they are prospects, clients, vendors, partners, etc. it is essential to manage your contacts in the most efficient way possible because they are the foundation of your organization. No activity can be considered without any contacts. Thus we understand the importance of an up-to-date database, easily accessible by all users, and that synchronizes across all associated accounts. All email communications that your users have with contacts of your database can be automatically logged in each contact's file. Users can also log phone and video calls, meetings, and more.

Gérez efficacement votre base de données de contacts en mode collaboratif et optimisez vos processus internes.




Document automation and signature


Automatisation de documents et signature

What is a document generation application?

This category of applications allows you to design, send and digitally sign documents such as contracts, agreements, service proposals, quotes, reports, etc. The general concept is based on the creation of document templates accessible to designated users. When a template is used, all desired custom fields associated with the recipient are automatically inserted throughout the document. The user can also use the organization's content library to insert relevant content related to the recipient in a few clicks. This category of application is always coupled with a digital signature feature. When the document is finalized, the application manages the sending of the document to all identified parties while logging activities and generating viewing statistics. Once the document is signed by each party, the final version in online and PDF formats is automatically sent out including an electronic signature certificate.

Why integrating it in your environment?

It is one of the most time-saving app categories you can find for administrative tasks. Being based in the cloud, you can easily connect it to a CRM or your accounting / invoicing application, pushing the limits of automation even further. For instance, your client data (contact details) can be sent to the document automation application, avoiding manual entry. Also, as soon as your document is digitally signed, an invoice can be automatically generated (or even sent) in your accounting application.

Accélérez la création, l’édition et la signature de vos documents commerciaux et administratifs.

Gestion de projets

What is a project management application?

Where task management apps quickly show their limits, project management applications excel! When you manage multiple projects in your organization or have multiple team members collaborating on projects, it can be challenging to get a status on all your projects. This category of applications generates views in list, calendar, Gantt, Kanban, etc. for the same project, making it possible to view project stages, to identify people responsible, to check the progress of projects, to set measurable goals, to manage the team workload, etc.

How does a project management application increase your productivity?

In addition to considerably increasing the quality of your service, you and your users can more effectively optimize your time and resources, know at all times the progress of your projects, and even visualize your strategic and operational plans. One of the most productive features is its ability to create and use project templates in a way that saves your employees a lot of time for recurring projects and tasks!

Suivez l’état d’avancement de vos projets. Créez vos propres modèles et partagez-les avec votre équipe. Numérisez votre plan stratégique.


 Project management


Accounting / invoicing


What is an accounting and invoicing application?

You can enter your money inflows and outflows, view your profits, have an overview of your outstanding and unpaid invoices, email invoices to your client, generate one or multiple invoices from a quote, receive or make payments, automate reminders, manage your employees' pay, pay your vendors, generate your accounting and financial reports, etc.

Why use / migrate to an online version?

Using an online accounting app, it can easily connect with a CRM or a document generation application. For example, you can view a client's invoice history directly from his/her CRM contact record, push the contact details of a client from your CRM to your accounting application avoiding manual entry. By connecting it to a document generation application, an invoice can be generated automatically as soon as a client signs off your proposal or quote.

Migrez vers une comptabilité en ligne et bénéficiez d’automatisations avec votre CRM et automatisation de documents.

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Very good trainer. Training focused on concrete and practical aspects. Really interesting to increase your productivity or that of your team. I highly recommend.

Nadège Tollari, Vice-President, Longueuil (QC)